S.106 Agreements

⚬ We have been involved in planning obligations since s.106 agreements were first introduced. We understand how the agreements are created, drafted and enable obligations to be addressed. We advise clients on the content, direction and timing of s.106 agreements often alongside viability considerations.

⚬ We are actively engaged in amendments to existing s.106 agreements providing drafting and support for deeds of variation, as well as consent conditions. In recent changes, the ability to secure amendment of s.106 agreements in respect of affordable housing has been removed. It continues to be essential to secure appropriate provision in the drafting stage and Devvia provide advice and guidance throughout that stage.

⚬ Devvia provides comprehensive analysis of existing s.106 agreements, especially in the context of the development appraisal and the cashflow implications.

⚬ We work alongside the development team, including the legal advisors, to secure workable and deliverable s.106 clauses. This includes overage provisions; timescale and value triggers as well as the connection to other signatories. From small schemes to major extensions we have been instrumental in securing appropriate and workable s.106 agreements.