What We Do

⚬ We advise.

⚬ We provide solutions.

⚬ Devvia provides development consultancy input, for residential, commercial and mixed-use schemes.

⚬ With offices in the East Midlands and East Anglia, and links to consultancies in London, Devvia operate across urban and rural areas throughout England.

⚬ In viability and development appraisal work we have advised on development schemes from a small number of dwellings up to major urban and rural extensions. We have advised on conversion schemes; a marina related development; redevelopment of former military sites; greenfield and brownfield sites alike.

⚬ We advise on s.106 agreements and the clauses contained as they impact on development schemes. We provide value related input.

⚬ S.106 contributions and also CIL, where that is operated, can have a significant impact on any development scheme. Contributions can and do extend beyond the provision of affordable housing, including open space, education and highways. Devvia has considerable expertise to offer in assessing any contributions that are sought, to advise on the reasonableness of the contribution calculation and the mechanisms associated with the triggers.

⚬ Devvia advises clients on overage clauses; promotion agreements; option triggers, and acquisition and disposal matters.

⚬ We have considerable experience of sourcing and acquiring property, as well as disposing using on and off market approaches.

⚬ We are an independent source of professional advice.

⚬ We deliver.

We are proud sponsors of the Southampton University Horseball team for the 2016/17 season