Viability Appraisal

⚬ The RICS Guidance Note 94/12 ‘Financial Viability in Planning’ sets out the parameters for viability appraisal.

⚬ The NPPF and PPG further confirm the basis on which viability appraisals may be considered as material considerations in determining planning applications. Using our experience, expertise and knowledge we carry out viability appraisals for clients.

⚬ We advise on the implications of the range of costs, including s.106/CIL/affordable housing as well as development costs, for development schemes. We identify the means of securing a viable development scheme, to secure a deliverable solution. This includes the negotiation of reduced contributions. We have experience of viability reviews and aim in every case to resolve the issue of viability in order for the scheme to commence and not remain unviable.

⚬ Our work in this area has covered a range of schemes in a variety of locations. We understand the nature of development, residential and commercial, and the continually changing market. We specialise in viability appraisal, preparing detailed assessments with extensive market analysis. Having been directly involved in property for over 20 years we aim to maximise the potential for the delivery of development in every case.

⚬ We are especially aware of the extent of housing that is needed, and the means available in viability terms to secure additional development to meet that growing need.

⚬ Devvia has a comprehensive level of knowledge and ability in establishing viable development.

⚬ We advise.

⚬ We provide solutions.